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About Platypus Protected

Platypus Protected became reallity after many years of doing this on our own. For the
past several decades, we have been feeding and tending to stray and ferel cats. When
any of the cats wanted in or were injured and didn't run, we took them in.

The cats we take in are very welcome members of our 'family'. They are de-wormed,
treated for fleas and taken to the vet for their immunizations and to be spayed or neutered.
Once this is all done they are quarantined for at least two to three weeks to check for any
health problems. With all this done, they are ready to be introduced to the rest of
the house.

Now, this has been the 'norm' with us until recently. It seems that word has gotten out
about us in the feline community. We are quite certain that at least one of the neighbor-
hood cats has been posting notices and spreading word (meow) about there being food,
shelter and safety at our home. We believe this to be so because of the increased
numbers of cats that are presently showing up! We have had several females raise their
kittens in our side yard (which is fenced in and secure for them). This is good but we
wish that they understood that we are there to help! They really need to be spayed, but
they won't let anyone within 10 feet of them and we hate the thought of trapping them.
They have enough reason to be leary of us humans without our adding to it.

The result of all this is that we now have a lot of cats living with us (all doing quite well
thank you) and we really needed to be legal! So, we decided that the best thing for us
to do was to apply for a license as a volunteer rescue shelter. We did and we are now
officially licensed with the state!

Now begins the job of providing (as we have all along) for any cat that may choose to
seek shelter with us.

We are not a large operation by any means, but we do the best we can to care for those
who have never had a chance or have been thrown away by an owner for whatever reason.
We simply won't and can't say no to cats that obviously need caring for.

There is a lot of work to be done getting things in place. But what makes this all worth
while is providing a chance for any cat that may come along the opportunity to live a
long, happy, healthy life.
Demeter and her kittens were rescued after being found in the basement of an empty home. The kittens were only a couple of weeks old then, but look at them now!
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