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     Welcome to the Platypus Protected Adoption Center!

     Ready to find your cute cat or kitten and bring them home? We at Platypus Protected are
     certainly ready to help you realize that goal. We, like all rescue shelters, have an adoption
     policy. We recommend reading the 'Adoption Downloads' forms to get familiar with these

     All cats and kittens that come to Platypus Protected are given a check-up by our vet, any
     and all vaccinations that are needed or required and all are either spayed or neutered.
     The health and well-being of each cat or kitten is very important to us. We do this so that
     when they are adopted, each has the best start we can give them to having a long and
     healthy life with their new family.

     Many of the cats we have with us started out as ferrel cats, but more and more we are
     getting cats that have been abandoned  by their owners. Regardless of their start, we
     provide the best care we can give them and provide all the love and compassion we
     can and are rewarded with cats that give much more than they receive. We spend as
     much time as we can with each cat. Giving them the attention, interaction and petting
     that they require from us.

     We feed these cats and kittens very well. They are given the best foods we can supply
     for them, but we do not use cheap foods! What we feed them are all natural foods that
     have no dies, artificial colors or flavors added. In fact, there are no artificial addatives or
     chemicals in any of the foods we use. We furnish a list of the foods we use with each
     adoption so the new family can keep their diet consistant and, more importantly, they
     really love the foods!

     The cats we rescue are never caged, except for medical reasons. Each cat is allowed
     access to all of our home and we have yet to have any major problems aside from the
     normal things that occurr when cats play. And play they do! It's important for the cats to
     be able to run, play or sleep where they feel comfortable and safe. Each cat has found
     it's 'safe' place in the house and when they are in that  'safe' place, we respect that.

     Our goal is that when each cat is adopted, they are ready to be a member of their new
     found family and will respond in kind to the love they receive.

   Because we care about the cats and
   kittens we rescue, we have instituted
   a simple adoption application form.

   This is to help insure that the cat or kitten
   is placed into a caring environment similar
   to what they are already acustom to.

   Below you'll find copies of our adoption
   contract, a quick start guide for taking
   home your new cat or kitten (including a
   basic shopping list), and a copy
   of our match maker form used to help find
   the best match for your lifestyle.

   Our goal is to fiind loving, caring homes
   for our kitties.
  (PDF format)

  Adoption Application.............PDF
  Adoption Contract..................PDF
  Quick Start Guide...................PDF
  Match Maker Form..................PDF
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